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Scandinavian chronicles: Trip to Norway: Jostedalbreen glacier

Sometimes when we talk about the ice age we think about many centuries ago, everything seems so far but, in Norway we still have some examples that reminds us about that time. 
In Norway, more than 2600 square km are covered by ice forming glaciers.
Climb a glacier seems to be an unforgettable experience especially if you see an amazing blue colour and the way to get there can put at risk your life...

Jostedalbreen glacier, Norway

Jostedal Glacier:
Is the longest glacier in Europe. It covers aproximately 487 square km of the norwegian surface. The higgest point, Brenibba, rises 2.018 m above the sea level. On the other hand, the lowest point only rises 350 m in Nigardsbreen. We were on that arm of the iceblock.
The glacier sleeps inside the Jostedal National Park, the 4th biggest protected area in Norway.

When we parked our car in front of the ice block it seemed like if there was a voice whispering us: " Go there, touch it!"
So, we got out of the car, full of joy, we were ready to act with determination, no fears allowed. However, mosquitos  tried to aware us, but we didn't listen. The blue colour had kidnapped us, we were hypnotised by it... 
Nigardsbreen, Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway
Even if we had seen many posters that said that reach the glacier land was madness we kept going. We had enough ingredients to cook a dangerous fearlessness...
Nigardsbreen, Jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway
The blue colour was closer, closer and closer...We thought we could touch it...so impressive...

Nigardsbreen, Jostedal National Park, Norway
Little by little, our conquer was getting bigger, tastier, more shocking...

Nigardsbreen, Jostedal National Park, Norway

Nigardsbreen, Jostedal National Park, Norway
We took it, we discovered its hidden treasures...
Nigardsbreen, jostedalsbreen National Park, Norway

And here we have another story, about how we left our trace in another amazing place, just "press" save on the hard disc because we still have more things to say to the world...See you in a bit!

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  2. Love tus post!!!!quiero ir a Berlin!!!